You’ve seen the data.  The face of America is changing, and brands will either change with it or risk becoming irrelevant in a dynamic market.

The bottom line is that if you market to Millennials or younger consumers today, you need to thinking multicultural.  And if your audience is older, you must be aware of the larger than life impact that multicultural America has on culture and recognize the shape of things come.

Our focus is expanding your brand’s market.  To achieve that goal, we view the rapidly changing market through a lens that recognizes all of its diversity and consider the potential of each market segment and how best to engage them based on your brand objectives.

Every client’s situation and needs are unique, and not one size fits all.  We offer an array of services to meet specific client needs including:

  •  Readiness assessments to determine organizational posture and capabilities to embrace emerging market realities
  • Marketing asset audits to identify existing assets and programs that can be effectively deployed against new consumer segments
  • Messaging development to craft effective strategies consistent with existing brand strategies
  • Engagement strategies reflecting how to most effectively develop the market across the marketing mix
  • Marketing platform development to create long-term engagement
  • Marketing pilot program management to test hypotheses and develop informed plans for the future



According the US Census, multicultural consumers now make up nearly 40% of the US population and are projected to become the majority by 2042.  If you look below the surface though — at key age demographics attractive to most brands — you’ll find the multicultural market is already at or nearing majority status, representing nearly half of those in the Millennial generation and younger.  And the impact of multicultural consumers on the market is even more pronounced than the numbers indicate due to